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CPA Day of Service

Yesterday was the CPA Day of Service. A day for the members of my profession to join together to engage in our communities. To help where we can. We cannot repay what we have been given, but we must try. Continue reading

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Grace in the Midst of (Civil) Wars

I’m listening to the new Civil Wars album not quite knowing what to think. It isn’t a matter of disliking the music. I like it. That’s the problem. I do like it and want more. The Civil Wars are on … Continue reading

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A New Dream

I want a dream. I want something that is mine. Even if my dreams are shattered, can’t I have new dreams? Or can my old ones become renewed, reborn, reworked in some way? Maybe it isn’t something to be grasped. … Continue reading

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Ode to Becca on Her Birthday

I have a friend quite gifted with words Written and erased, Yet etched in my mind Her way of finding the thing, the fact, the part That really matters Is a gift to us all Though she often doesn’t see … Continue reading

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Waiting to Bloom

Spring appears to have arrived everywhere but my yard. My neighbor’s tree is blooming. I don’t know what kind of tree it is. It is just big and beautiful and makes me happy. The whole neighborhood is full of color … Continue reading

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Dinner Conversation

My 2 year old nephew and I had a conversation during supper tonight. Continue reading

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Why Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

This is not the diatribe of a bitter, single female who hates hearts and red roses. I choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day wholeheartedly even though I have spent every single one of mine alone. Though I would prefer for you to keep the roses to yourself.

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I don’t feel it but I’m gonna go on faith

Trusting today when my eyes can’t see

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As hard as I pushed, nothing happened. I tried all the little tricks we had learned over the past 3 years, but this time they didn’t work. I was stuck, trapped in the lobby at work. All thanks to a … Continue reading

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Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling brittle, as if the least little tap would send a spider web of cracks racing across my surface. I wish I could say that it has never happened before, but that wouldn’t be true. … Continue reading

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