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Feasting in Life

People feast during death. At least here in the South, we do. Give us a funeral, and we show up with food. Lots and lots of food. Go ahead, joke about funeral food. The fried chicken, deviled eggs and potato … Continue reading

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Jealous of Matt Wertz

I miss my friend Evie, and it’s all Matt Wertz’s fault. Monday night, I spent a little time researching music on the internet. Ok, so you could also say that I was playing around on YouTube but researching music sounds … Continue reading

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Scarred by Hutchmoot

My sociology professor always said that “you are who you are because of where you have been and when you were there.” I’ve spent the last 6 days in Nashville, once again helping with Hutchmoot. A funny name (though it … Continue reading

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Ups & Downs

My friends, The Daylights, along with road manager/photographer/jack-of-all-trades Nathan Winston, came to visit me this week. They interrupted my regular life with a brief visit into another world. They got in Monday night. Being the true Southern girl that I … Continue reading

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A Modern Fairytale

Once upon a time, let’s say around this past weekend, there was a girl, or we could say a quirky redhead. She traveled for a while, or about an hour, to a far off kingdom, also known as Fayetteville.   … Continue reading

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As I find myself planted oh so firmly back in reality, my mind keeps drifting back to this past weekend. It was my weekend in Nashville that I have been talking about for quite a while. Hutchmoot. Hutchwhat? Hutchmoot – … Continue reading

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An Evening with Jim

So Jim called last night. I wanted to ignore him…but who am I kidding? I can’t afford to do that. I mean, he’s not my favorite. Actually, at times I sort of dislike him. But in the long run, he is … Continue reading

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Girls Night

As I told you before, I have something to say. Honestly, when do I not have something to say? Yet I still am lacking the words. They have been doing lots of road construction around here lately. Maybe they put up … Continue reading

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Yard Sale/Bake Sale

UPDATE: Yard Sale/Bake Sale was a huge success. We raised over $800 for our mission trip. Thanks to everyone who supported us. I really appreciate it! Our trip is scheduled for the end of June. I will keep you posted. … Continue reading

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National Food Blogger Bake Sale

I love to bake. It makes me happy. It calms me down. It keeps my creative side active. And all of that is a good thing! And now, I get to give back through baking as well. This Saturday, April … Continue reading

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