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Dinner Conversation

My 2 year old nephew and I had a conversation during supper tonight. Continue reading

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Feasting in Life

People feast during death. At least here in the South, we do. Give us a funeral, and we show up with food. Lots and lots of food. Go ahead, joke about funeral food. The fried chicken, deviled eggs and potato … Continue reading

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Grant, what kind of ice cream do you want? Plain or Snickers? I asked my 2 year old nephew. ‘Nickers, ‘nickers, I want ‘nickers! Uhhmm, do you know what Snickers is, Grant? No. Yeah, he ended up with vanilla. Sometimes plain is … Continue reading

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Ladies and Women

I put my oldest nephew to bed, but the CD player didn’t work. Now, this was a crisis with a magnitude somewhere in between a paper cut and the national deficit. He can’t go to sleep unless he listens to … Continue reading

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Online Dating: Strike 1

Yesterday I shared a little of the pain that goes along with my online dating experiences (see post here). But there is also an extremely funny side of it as well. I’ve finally decided that it is just too good … Continue reading

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I’ve been here before. This makes my fifth. There was just more drama this time. I think I need a moratorium on drama. So I’ve come up with a new family rule: No more C-sections allowed.   In the last … Continue reading

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The Cowboy

I’ve been a little remiss. A little something happened that I failed to mention. A little 7 pound, 8 ounce something. But that something is getting bigger every day! I have a brand new nephew. His name is Wyatt. But … Continue reading

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Summer’s Arrival

Summer and the lake are so intertwined in my mind that I can’t separate the two. But then again, I don’t know why I would want to try. If I ever turn into a mermaid, I will attribute it to … Continue reading

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An Update

So a lot has been happening lately, but I just haven’t felt up to writing about all of it. Allergies and a major sinus infection took a toll on me. I am finally starting to feel better. But I feel like I … Continue reading

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My Mama

I’m the redheaded version of my mama At least that’s what they say around my town When I think about her sweetness & concern I hope the internal traits also abound Happy Mothers Day. Mama, I love you much!

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