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Feasting in Life

People feast during death. At least here in the South, we do. Give us a funeral, and we show up with food. Lots and lots of food. Go ahead, joke about funeral food. The fried chicken, deviled eggs and potato … Continue reading

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Cash or Charge

I just needed some toothpaste. Yeah, I grabbed a few other odds and ends, but my desire for fresh minty breath was the driving factor in my errand during lunch. $8.62 That’s it. Only $8.62, but when my debit card … Continue reading

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Summer is for Swim Suits & Stalkers

I told you earlier this week that I feel like summer has arrived. All because we started going to the lake house. As in the house sitting beside a lake. I know, we are quite witty with names. Well, the … Continue reading

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The Crime

I do live in a sleepy, little town. For the most part. But as with many things, it has its darker side. Unfortunately, my town actually is pretty well known for crime. I guess it was only a matter of … Continue reading

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An Update

So a lot has been happening lately, but I just haven’t felt up to writing about all of it. Allergies and a major sinus infection took a toll on me. I am finally starting to feel better. But I feel like I … Continue reading

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Social Event of the Year

So my ongoing problem with allergies and pollen…yeah, it has turned into a little more than that. After my eyes started swelling shut Tuesday night, I decided to go to the doctor yesterday afternoon. Turns out, I have a pretty … Continue reading

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Tomorrow may be Thanksgiving, but we already celebrated at work. Last Friday was the day that all of us look forward to all year long. It was the day our boss treats us to our annual Thanksgiving lunch at work. The first Thanksgiving was … Continue reading

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Inspiration or Perspiration…The Christmas Play

I finally finished the children’s Christmas play for church. Oh, I finished it Saturday around lunchtime. And we started practice less than 24 hours later. It was written with the children we have in mind. So my buddies, the 4 … Continue reading

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Play of Words

I’m a playwright. Well, sort of. I am writing a play for the children at church. It’s a Christmas play. We don’t have lots of children, and quite a few of them are younger. So some of those pre-packaged plays … Continue reading

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Black & Blue

Yesterday was brought to you by the color black.  Black for the billowing smoke hovering over my town.  And red for the many fire trucks from 50+ fire departments zooming to the fire at the tire company.  A 60,000 square … Continue reading

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