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Joy in This Season

How dry eyes and difficult holidays can somehow tie together Continue reading

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Lessons Learned in the Chemo Lab

I’m sitting here in the chemo lab with liquids slowly dripping into my body. The IV taped to my left hand limits my movements to this chair for the next six hours. All the research that I did in advance … Continue reading

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Scarred by Hutchmoot

My sociology professor always said that “you are who you are because of where you have been and when you were there.” I’ve spent the last 6 days in Nashville, once again helping with Hutchmoot. A funny name (though it … Continue reading

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Afraid To Write

Have you ever felt validated, truly validated by someone? I’m not talking about your mother who tells you that you are “smart and talented”. At least, that is what Mama tells me. Feel free to substitute your mom’s words for … Continue reading

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The tears are there, right behind my lids. I desperately hold them in. As if it proves that I am fine. If I thought they would bring relief, I would weep my sorrows away. Instead tears only bring more tears. … Continue reading

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I have multiple scars on my body. A thin line underneath my chin reminds me of my one and only trip to the ER. It doesn’t even come with a good story. As a little girl, I fell out of … Continue reading

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Desire for Community

I love social media. I think it expands our worlds. But it also has a darker side. If we aren’t careful, it can encourage jealousy to raise its ugly green head. You don’t have to be online too long before … Continue reading

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Life Events with Jewelry

You should celebrate life events with jewelry. At least, that is one of my many philosophies. It makes sense though because if you do, every time you wear the pieces, they take you back to those life changing, special moments … Continue reading

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I’ve been exposed to mice before. The real kind, not just the cute little things portrayed in Cinderella. And can I just say that once again, movies do not prepare you for real life. One of my earliest memories involves … Continue reading

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Ill As a Snake

I started out the day as ill as a snake. Now, for all of you who aren’t very well versed in Southern colloquialisms, that means I was in a really, really bad mood. It probably had something to do with … Continue reading

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