I don’t feel it but I’m gonna go on faith

Trusting today when my eyes can’t see

Look for the good that feels hidden away

Do not be afraid, self

Do not get discouraged

The battle is not mine,

I have a rescuer on my side


He will fight this vast army

He will defend me

Stand and see what He alone can do


Do not be afraid

Do not be discouraged

Watch in amazement

For provision already on the way

Inspired by II Chronicles 20:15 and Psalm 34:10

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6 Responses to Trust

  1. Henrietta says:


  2. Wallyce says:

    this resonates with me.

    I appreciate how you capture your thoughts and feelings in your blogs/poems/songs… creatively inspired you. :)

  3. Laura Peterson says:


  4. Heed your words…heed your words…as I will heed your words…we press on!

  5. Keep up the great job and bringing in the crowd!

  6. You’re an extremely beneficial web site; couldn’t make it without ya!

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