Ode to My Aching Bones

 Oh, how I wish I could tell you how tired I am

But you might feel the same way too

Then there would be no need to explain it to you

This aching in my bones says I have to slow down

I can’t keep up this pace

Can’t keep living the so-called rat race

There is a weariness in my soul

From going and doing every minute of the day

But can life be lived a different way?


So push on past the yawning and the droopy eyes

And send me off to dreamland

For the sleep my body requires

Bring on the shut eye!

Bring on the naps!

Bring on the 8 hours or 10, perhaps.

Just let me drift away

To find the rest I’m longing for

Sleep, sweet sleep

I want more, more, more.

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