The Voice of Pain

I woke up on Saturday and couldn’t move. The pain in my left shoulder increased with every little move. It was bad. Hours later, I had done everything I could think of to ease the hurt and nothing from my to-do list for the day. Somehow the voice of pain managed to drown out all other voices in my head. Even the basic ones telling me to get dressed, brush my teeth or put in my contacts.

I finally made it to my friend’s house to help with her yard sale. Don’t worry, I brushed my teeth, got dressed and put in my contacts before I allowed myself out of the house. Can’t say that I was much help, but we enjoyed the time together.

While I was there, I met someone. No matter what we talked about, the conversation always seemed to come back to his soon-to-be ex-wife. That was his voice of pain talking.

When you are injured, it consumes you and so fills up the moments that you can’t imagine anything else. It makes you forget the things that you want to do. It screams to be dealt with. And it doesn’t matter if it is physical or mental anguish, the voice is the same.

My shoulder still aches. Not screaming like on Saturday, but it pinches and twinges enough during the day to remind me that it is there. Little whispers to say, “Don’t forget about me.”

I wish there were some magic answer to fix my shoulder or my new friend’s marriage. Maybe all those coaches are right. That you really do have to work through the pain. To keep on moving and striving until you realize that you accomplished what you set out to do, even though it hurt so much to get there.

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