A little about me

the quirky redhead 

The first things people tend to notice about me are my smile, red hair and southern drawl. Hang around me long enough and you will find a little more.

While my days are filled with numbers, accounting and finance, I live for the night. Oh my nights of writing, reading and creating in some way, shape or form.

For me, the act of creation always ties into a story. Whether coming up with the perfect name for a newly concocted dessert. Or the idea of the person wearing my jewelry as I make it. Or a photograph that tells the story at a single glance.

I have always been drawn to stories. As a child, my dad told us tales of a brave blueberry Captain, who always managed to save the day no matter how dire the predicament. Over the years, I have found some of my best friends in books – a redhead named Anne, a wise yet naive Tammy Tyree determined to rescue Peter from himself, the fellowship surrounding one ring to rule them all. But when all else fails and there is no book to be found, I have my own imagination to take me away. I’ve travelled the world again, if only in my mind.

This is me telling my story as honestly as I know how. It isn’t all sunshine and happiness, though there is that. By sharing tales of my life, from the humor to be found in small town interactions to the brokenness from pain I’ve experienced to poetry covering the silly and sincere, my wish is that you will find the underlying truth and hope.

Welcome to the story of a quirky southern redhead. Thank you for becoming part of it.

Here’s to finding hope in this crazy upside down world.

If you want to contact me, email me at thequirkyredhead@gmail.com.



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